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For some reason, my old blog (this blog) came to my mind recently. I didn’t even remember if it was still “live” or if I unpublished it. So I Googled myself and discovered, to my surprise, that was still alive and receiving visits!

So, if you stumble upon this blog that I cherished with all my heart, enjoy the read! And if you want to say hello, find me on Instagram, where I spend most of my “social media” time 🙂

By the way, I am still teaching Spanish online. Almost 10 years already! Although I have developed a very particular method of learning languages that less brain-centred and more heart-centred, less goal-oriented and more focused on pleasure, that involves not only the brain but the whole body. I became an Embodied Language Coach to complement my teaching training, and my teaching practice is now more holistic. It feels good to know that my business has grown with me and that we feed each other. If you Google Embodied Spanish, you might find me. I am even writing a book at the moment!

Anyway, life is still good over here. I hope you are well.

I am a Spanish teacher.

Last year I took the leap and became self-employed. In August 2011, I created my location independent business, Online Spanish Tutor (MarĂ­a Ortega GarcĂ­a)

Since then, I had ups and downs as any beginning of a new business, but over everything, I learn every day and do what I like the most, teaching and I finally got to choose how and what I teach. Right now, my business is one year old and it sustains myself comfortably but I keep learning and finding ways to improve my services.

Here I include what I have in the About page:

“I am MarĂ­a Ortega GarcĂ­a, a Spanish as a Foreign language teacher (ELE)  born in 1980 in a small city in the north of Spain, Burgos.

Since I was a child my dream was to be a teacher and to learn new languages in order to travel the world. I am very lucky because I am living my dream.

I have a lot of experience teaching in different European countries where I could develop my passion which is teaching Spanish and sharing the Spanish culture.

I always loved learning new languages and experiencing new cultures. My years learning foreign languages and living as an expatriate in different countries help me understand what my students go through when trying to learn Spanish. After few years teaching French and English I discovered my true path: spread my own language and culture, the reason why I started my career as a foreign language teacher training with Instituto Cervantes (Dublin).

I have taught Spanish to students of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds, at all levels. I love teaching Spanish and I notice repeatedly that my own learning continues as each day I find new ways to approach the different learning styles of my students”.

For more information, visit http://mariaortegagarcia.com.

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