¡Hola a todos!

I’m María, native Spanish teacher, traveling since 2011 when I launched Online Spanish Tutor, my “School of Spanish”, where I work everyday, from everywhere. I consider myself a nomadic sophist. Why? The nomadic is pretty obvious, since I don’t have a fixed abode, and the sophist, well, because the sophist, in origin, where educators who taught philosophy and rhetoric, so who taught a way of thinking and a to speak. That’s pretty much my personal goal, I focus in teaching a language to my students but I transmit a way of thinking to whomever want to listen. That’s why my Online Spanish Tutor web site falls short and why I need another platform to talk about my experiences as a traveller, as a person, as a constant ponderer of my surroundings, as a teacher and as a just one more inhabitant of this wonderful world which I’d like to make better.

Some background and random facts about me:

– I have a degree in languages and a diploma as a teacher of Spanish as a Foreign Language.

– Compulsive desire of learning, from new languages (German, Arabic and Chinese) to all things related with the new ways of teaching.

– Despite all my travels, I still have a shameful bad sense of orientation. There is no city in the word I haven’t got lost, which I’ve ended up seeing as a great source of adventures and discoveries.

– I have a weird tendency to personify things.

– Drawing relaxes me and it’s my personal form of meditation.

– Many of my dreams have been changing and fading along the way, but I still conserve one dream from my childhood, which is to have, one day, a small room on my own full of books from floor to ceiling, an empty wall where I would have painted a big drawing of my creation, a sofa and a stained glass art deco lamp to give an indirect light in the room.

– I like emotions and art, I love writing for the sake of it, I like drawing, taking pictures, reading, walking, drinking coffee and wander around. All that makes me write sometimes about my emotions, my fears, other times makes me write about things I don’t fully understand in an attempt of grasp them better… You will find all of that here.

What I expect to get from this blog?

The main purpose is personal. I learnt that I can’t lie to myself when I write things black on white, they become more real and, above all, writing helps me to organize my thoughts, a bit chaotic and passionate sometimes, and make them more rational.

Have you ever got a “tantrum” about something and then write about it, read it and realize how simple the solution was or how stupid the reason for being that anguished was? Well, that happened to me, and still does… That’s it, that’s why.

The why of this blog can be found in my first post: The turning point.

Besides this personal purpose, I love to get in contact with like minded people who had the same experiences and fears like me. I see this blog as a tool to find myself and being found.

There’s not much more left to say about me that you can’t find in my posts or in these couple of guest posts I wrote:

The Story of Us ▸ María is a language teacher, shyness warrior and a Spanish native

Fearless Jenn ▸ Fearless reader – Maria

Enso Journey ▸ Hall of Warriors Spotlight – María Ortega

Teaching TravellingA Job Teaching a Language Online with Skype during Travel

What can you get from it?

I started a journey on personal development almost at the same time this blog was born, so I guess that you can find inspiration for your journey and share your opinion and experiences with me / us. I’d love that!

So please, feel free to contact me whenever you want. You can find me @condesadebelflor in Twitter, Facebook or just drop few lines to say hello at mariaortegagarcia@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Maria, are you still in Delhi? I am moving with my family to Defence Colony and I am looking for a way for my daughter to continue learning Spanish. She is 20 months old and has been learning Spanish in the U.S. from her daycare.

    Any ideas or resources you can share would be helpful!


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