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I’ve been absent from this blog for a while, bouncing and bustling around a new blog that barely has seen the light and other things and projects that stir my mind at the moment.  As I am thinking about something new, yesterday I received an email from my dear friend Steph telling me she awarded my blog, my old friend, with the Versatile blog award!!!

And I decided to take it as a sign to stop all this bouncing around a new blog et go back to the main one which has given me so much pleasures and continue doing it! I’m so grateful to Steph, from A Quiet Revolution, in first place, for giving me a reason to think a moment about my blog and realize that I don’t have the need to start a new one, and in second place, I am very grateful to my blog to…, yes, because it has been waiting there for me to come back.

So, now the fun part, telling 7 random facts about me:

photo-versatile-blogger11. Love coffee and I get great pleasure in taking pictures of coffee cups which I see a very complete pieces of art.

2. I have a shameful bad sense of orientation. There is no city in the word I haven’t got lost, which I’ve ended up seeing as a great source of adventures and discoveries.

3. I have a weird tendency to personify things (such as the above reference to my blog as an alive person waiting for me with open arms…)

4. Drawing relaxes me and it’s my personal form of meditation.

5. Many of my dreams have been changing and fading along the way, but I still conserve one dream from my childhood, which is to have, one day, a small room on my own full of books from floor to ceiling, an empty wall where I would have painted a big drawing of my creation, a sofa and a stained glass art deco lamp to give an indirect light in the room.

6. Wouldn’t say that I am a great cook, but I love cooking and all things related with food, from going to the market to eat the result of the cooking process.

7. I had a couple of weeks of religious devotion in my teens, where I used to go to church after class and walk on my knees from one side of the church to the other as a some sort of self imposed penance (don’t remember why I did punish myself in that horrendous way) until after few weeks the priest asked me stop doing that because I was distracting the other parishioners.

And my 15 nominees are:

1. A Life of Blue

2. The blog of Manu Loigeret

3. Jan Stewart

4. Diary of a Late Bloomer

5. The Freedom Experiment 

6. Benjamin Spall

7. This is my Happiness 

8. That Backpacker

9. Katheen Bloom

10. Disrupting the Rabblement

11. A Greek Tragedy 

12. Life is Limitless

13. The Free Bird Project

14. Sarah Prout

15. Enso Journey

An my last words will go to Steph, again, many, many thanks to gently and without realizing, giving me push to go back to my origins…

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