Just a moment

A cup of teaAmazing how a small, random moment can change your life.

Some people would call it fate, others serendipity or luck… in either case, our lives become the way they are by these little accidental situations that lead us to meet someone, connect with someone, find the courage to make a decision, to say a word or to act in a certain way. Actions that will change your life’s direction 180 degrees from they way you knew it.

You obviously don’t recognize those moments when they happen. It’s only afterwards, when you see the consequences they caused, that you come to appreciate the value of that moment in time, of that confluence of situations, moments, people, emotions… that lead you to make that particular decision, to say those particular words to that particular person, to have the courage to behave in that particular way. And even that decision, words or behavior didn’t seem so important and life changing at the time because you saw them as a needed or normal reaction to that particular moment.

It’s when you look back that you realize the importance of that moment .It’s when you look back and recall those feelings, those people, that precise moment in time, that you realize their value.

I sometimes leave the memories of those moments to come into my mind. I relish in remembering the personal situation I found myself back then and the people I met who affected the course of my life at that precise moment in time, pondering on why and how I allowed my life to take that turn. Nostalgia? Sometimes. But whenever the longing, sentimental thoughts of the good old times seized my mind and shrink my heart, I just need to take a second to look around and to realize the privileged situation I am in, and when I don’t see the people once were with me, I look around again and see the new ones that are making my life special. And when nobody is there and the situation I find myself in is not as bright as I would like to, I just need to give myself a moment to breathe deeply, go out, see the sun and let it warmth touch my skin… Just a moment to realize that I am still in a privileged situation and that some people come and go but my heart has always been caressed.

And then, one day change the number in the calendar, a new year begins, and you look back at that very same day the previous year, and the previous one, and the one before… It’s just a new year, nothing else, but you wonder what decisions have you made the past year, what people have you encountered then that might affect the course of your life in this new year. Because, we like it or not, starting a new diary or appointment calendar feels like a new beginning, like the first day of a new bunch of unexpected moments. Moments that are shaping our life little by little, chiseling, carving and engraving sometimes without being even aware of their imprint, others, their impact would be so strong that there’s no way one don’t perceive their value.

All of them, the good, the bad and the inconsequential, are just moments, no more and no less.

2 thoughts on “Just a moment

  1. Amen sister! First of all happy new year 🙂 Second of all, great post! SO much wisdom here! 1) be grateful 2) good things happen, bad things happen and 3) all moments are just moments – all things pass! You sound like the Dalai Lama – actually I just finished reading his book on happiness and you’re 100% spot on. Happy New Year Maria – much success in 2013. Let’s be grateful for all the good moments in our lives:)

  2. Happy new year to you too!!! 🙂
    Thanks for your lovely words, I’m glad you think the same.
    And finally, did you said I sound like the Dalai Lama!?!?! Wow, that’s a compliment! Thanks a lot for that! 😀

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