Tangled with juggling

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Photo credit: codyweir 

Since I started in this kind of new nomadic, self-employed life over a year ago my brain hasn’t really stopped concocting new projects, idas, steps, things to do..

The first purpose in my mind was to put myself out there in order to be found in the vast world of the internet so that any potential student could find me.

I created my Online Spanish Tutor (OST) website for professional purposes, and then I started writing a personal blog, this one!, which serve me well since I always had this necessity of expressing myself via the written word.

Once these two projects were launched, up and running, I continued thinking about new ways to improve my online teaching service in OST. I spent quite a lot of time until I found the perfect image, and after a couple of failures I found the current “face” for my virtual teaching “premises”, which albeit I like it, it’s not 100% perfect and I still envisage a couple of modifications.

Then I continued  looking after the content and the services offered. That’s when things became complicated and time consuming.

The first new product I created was a failure. I thought about making a podcast although my knowledge about the matter was none, which cause me a lot of sleepless nights reading and researching about how to create and spread a podcast. Once I learned the minimun required to be able to do something, I started publishing a series of podcasts with a medium quality (which still cause me pain to accept) that were a failure, not because of the feedback I received, which was quite positive, but for the fact that I had to spend so many time to do a mediocre podcast that I ended up hating doing it. Besides, I didn’t get that many users and since not even many people were benefiting from them, I stopped. That was failure number one.

The I thought that maybe a blog written in English addressed to learners of Spanish could be a good idea, so there I started blogging about the Spanish language in The Spanish Blog with video classes accompanying those posts. Well, this is working well so far. Yay!

Current situation

Working is coming smoothly and I have a nice amount of students and classes to keep me going that come from my OST webpage and from here as well. Besides the teaching scene, there are always a couple of projects not directly related with teaching that I really enjoy doing because they are a breathe of fresh air, like translations (the last ones are here and here) and writing in other educational blogs, like here. On top of that I have to keep “feeding” this blog and the project I share with my friend Steph.

As if this wasn’t enough. I am in the middle of editing a Spanish text book compiling all the materials I create for my classes which will be released soon. Besides I am starting to organize group Spanish classes (on line and on site)…. And I really want to create an online course with text book, videos and interactive exercises!

And I love it! I love every single piece of work I do. Every single piece has a place in my life and every single piece makes me enjoy. However, I am traveling. I am in Australia at the moment, which means that I battle an internal fight between the need and the will of working and the desire of exploring the new place.


I don’t want to stop diversifying, besides I think it’s positive and refreshing, and I don’t want to stop thinking about other ways to improving either. However, at the same time I feel the necessity of experimenting new products and services and ways to improve and serve my students better, I feel guilty when I spend few hours exploring with new learning management systems to learn how to implement them in my classes because they are not part of my next class class…

Multitasking and me

I know spreading oneself too thing is risky but I can’t help but thinking that if I spend hours innovating and spreading my reach to new students and improving the quality of the materials for the current students it’s very positive. However, if I only focus in the creation of new materials and services I won’t earn a cent for many months. Guys, making a text book with great content, fun, with exercises audios and images loyalty free (which means I had to draw pictures myself) on my own takes an unbelievable amount of time!!!

Just this morning I went to a Mac Store looking for an ipad to offer to my parents for Christmas. Harmless action, one would say… Well, it’s not! While playing a bit with the ipad mini I just discovered Itunes U which gave me a big desire of creating a course for Itunes!!! I discarded the idea for the moment though, but it’s just an example of how everything related with education, languages, teaching and reaching students becomes a potential project in my mind.

After all this rambling, needless to say  that I am still a happy camper. I know I am not on top of everything sometimes or that I’m not making the most of my traveling time as much as I’d like to, however I got to work from a nice villa in Bali last month. Happy days! Happy busy days!

4 thoughts on “Tangled with juggling

  1. Omg Maria you really are doing a crazy amount of stuff, love it! And I love your spanish classes! If I ever go back to learning it will totally watch all of them and obviously hire you to be my tutor! Suuuuperexciting about online course idea and workbook, it’s all amazing just keep going! 🙂

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