Hey you! Yes, you… I love you, my friend!

I have just finished chatting with a friend. It was one of these conversations full of news, even though we haven’t really lost contact, just that a lot of things happened in a very short time. As we caught up with all the news (and all good ones, yay!) I found myself sometimes laughing, other times smiling and, in any case, I couldn’t move away from the computer, or, failing that, the Iphone. I went for a shower, went o the toilet (ahem)… all with my Iphone stuck to my hand (almost) because  I just didn’t want the conversation to end. It was one of those moments when I could have given anything to be face to face with that person, to share a cup of coffee and feel the happiness or the emotions… I wanted to participate in her happiness and I wanted her to participate in mine.

This is just an acknowledgment of these friends who are there every single moment when they have been needed, even when they haven’t been called. And have been there in the way they were needed, just to be sitting there by your side in silence, or making you laugh, becoming an ear, or letting you cry your eyes out until you are completely dry to, only then, tell you what you need to listen. Those friends who you might not spend all weekends with but you love to see often when you have the time and those friends whose absence you really feel when something relevant happens in your life.

She knows who she is. She knows that I love her to bits and she might know that I don’t say I love you often, in fact, rarely. But she must know that the friendship we have has grown little by little, had deceleration times and then continued to grow until it has become strong and I’d like to say unbreakable, but that only time will tell.

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