Circus and life

Circus, as life, invites us to play, to go into a magic world. But we have to go inside in order to experience, to learn and laugh, to dream and see how the dreams come true, to get high on the joys of life.

I remember when I was a child and I was looking forward to the arrival of the national circus troupe in my hometown handing out the fliers picturing lions, tigers and elephants, the clowns and the trapeze artist looking like coming out of a magic, dream world. A world I, sometimes, couldn’t understand but I wanted to discover, a world that was special, magic, where the impossible became possible and where the “more difficult still” never stopped the performers.

The circus reminds us that everything has a beginning and an end, and the ones that enjoyed the show, will leave the big top happy and pleased. The circus teaches us the importance of value the art of the goodbyes.

The circus is a metaphor of life. It can be crazy, unexpected, filled with emotions. You can go from laughing your head off to holding your breath of fear just in a couple of moments. Just as happens in life, doesn’t it?

There are so many lessons one can learn from circus…

If life is a circus, you are the ringmaster of your life. The ringmaster is the person in charge, the one that controls the performances and introduces the new characters… Of course, one can’t control everything, there are so many things out of our control! But if someone is going to have some power, the reins… or the whip in your stage, that should be you.

Just as the tightrope walkers do, keep your balance. Difficult. Scary. But finding an equilibrium with all the aspects in one’s life is important in order to not topple over. Lovers, family, friends. Work time, play time. All in balance to keep walking successfully to the other end of the tightrope.

The circus is a wonderful show to watch but even more wonderful to participate in. Don’t waste your life being a mere spectator. Participate. Do things that scare you. Take risks. Jump. Ride an elephant and go into the tigers cage (don’t forget the whip!), be the clown, make the others laugh and laugh yourself. Live.

Pull back the curtain of the big top and let the show begin…

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