Saw this short movie around a year ago when a very special friend linked it to me to cheer me up during one of these gray days. He succeed. It cheered me up.

For some reason, this movie came into my mind again few days ago.

What does validation mean?

Validation: ‘an act, process, or instance of validating; especially : the determination of the degree of validity of a measuring device’

Validity: ‘well-grounded or justifiable : being at once relevant and meaningful’


Why is it important to feel validated? Why is it important to validate others?

It’s an important principle in life and the good thing is that validation feels as good to the person that validates you as it does to the person that gets validated. It’s so easy to validate someone… Just a smile is enough, an slight nod of approval, a compliment…

As a teacher, I can’t feel better than when one of my students “validate my work” by acknowledging verbally the time and effort I put into preparing their classes. Obviously, it’s not needed, I don’t need their acknowledge but it’s nice to receive it and it definitely makes a change in my day making it better.

Validate someone’s work or reaction or behavior is a physical and explicit expression of appreciation and gratitude towards something you consider well done.

This validating others is a relationship skill that can only lead to a win – win situation for every relationship in many social aspects.

Validate different opinions

We all have different point of views. That’s a fact and that’s a very positive thing. It is positive when we succeed in recognizing the point of view of the other person. Sometimes we find ourselves unable to validate the other person’s perspective just because we want to win and if we acknowledge the validity of the other person’s opinion, we are accepting that we might be wrong…

Validate emotions

That means to validate the other’s emotions by acknowledging what the other person said. Empathizing with the other person’s emotions helps to convey your acceptance and respect for what the other person is experiencing. It’s really easy to say “I understand why you would be upset under these circumstances” or “anyone would have felt in the same way” or “your reaction is completely normal”… And these words can make a difference to the other person, making them feel better and understood and, somehow, not alone.

Validate human beings

And that is just to be nice to everybody, not only to those who can do something for you or those who you know and care about. It’s not about being nice with others having in the back of the head that they might not be able to help you now but maybe they will be able to do something for you in the future, but help without expecting anything in exchange.

Humility, acknowledgment, manners, respect… In short, validation.

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