Sometimes we are scared of being alone too much time. We are scared of solitude out of fear of what we might discover being only in our own company. But, don’t we want to spend the more time possible with someone we are interested in in order to knowing them better? To connect with someone, we spend time with that someone,  we talk and discuss and make questions. We seek information about the other to engage with them. So, what would you do to connect and engage with yourself?

When we are accompanied all the time, we don’t really have time to talk to ourselves. That’s why solitude is so precious. That’s the time where you provide yourself wonderful and sufficient company. A time that can be used for reflection, inner searching, growth or enjoyment. Reading, contemplating the beauty that surround us, creativity are activities that require solitude to be performed well.

We all need time to be alone, although the amount of time we need is different for each person. Solitude is important because it gives us time to explore and know ourselves better, it gives us the chance to see things in perspective, it allows us to question ourselves and answer our own questions.

Solitude, then, can lead to self-awareness, and that is essential in a fulfilled and happy life. Don’t be scared of being alone, what you discover about yourself might blow your mind.

2 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. True true true! We are always scrambling to get away from ourselves when we are the key to knowing others. Know yourself first.

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