Focus on your goal

One goes where one focus. If you focus in the pothole on the road, be sure you are going to end up there, whereas if you focus on your goal, you will surely find the strategies to make it around the obstacles you might face, or you won’t even come up against them!

Sometimes we spend more time focusing on a potential problem, that might or might not happen, analyzing, digging deep into the problem and trying to see the options we have. By doing that, we are loosing focus of our goal, we are diverging from it, and that is going to lead us to failure, straight to that pothole on road.

However, when you don’t take your eyes of your goal, as there were nothing that could take you out of your way, it’s like the obstacle becomes something you will go through as part of the process of achieving your goal, but not something susceptible of stopping you from getting there.

What do you think, where is your focus? on your goal or on the obstacles?

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