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Wordless… Feeling


Two weeks.

Two weeks before the beginning of a new adventure… And I can’t wait.

With a new adventure comes new fears, different every time, bigger as further I go.

There is a mixture of excitement and fear that proves me I am doing the right thing. The more I think and reflect about what I should do with my life, the less answers I find and there is just emptiness and silence.


Agitation, concern, doubt, trepidation… Emotions related to fear that are positive when used in your benefit. Once one learn to recognize when and why they appear are great ways to see what to do. It’s curious how all the answers to everything that trouble or disquiet us are inside us. And they are shown whenever you stop asking and just listen, whenever you think don’t know, you do.


Life, for me, is not about reason is about emotions. It doesn’t matter if there’s a very interesting offer, a very practical path or project in front of me if I don’t feel anything about it. And I am not talking about feeling excited and happy about anything, I am talking about feeling scared too.


Impatience. Avidity. Vehemence. Anticipation. Ambition. Hunger. Zeal. Emotions that prove me that I couldn’t do otherwise. That’s what I want. Right or wrong. Crazy or sensible. Unavoidable.

And that’s it. That’s all. Just words trying to explain the feelings caressing and mauling my soul only two weeks before a new experience which is taking me further than I’ve ever gone.


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