The warrior mindset

What if we considered living a warrior’s life, lead by our survival instincts and fear of death?

It is this fear of death what drives the warrior in his determination and improvement of himself. Don’t forget the evolution by natural selection and the crucial importance of the survival of the fittest, which doesn’t only refers to the strongest but the cleverest, or the best adapted, or whatever it is needed in the situation.

There are few qualities that pop into my mind when I think about a warrior. They are bold, determined, successful, powerful, they are into the self-improvement (for survival obvious reasons), they have a physical and mental toughness…

Death doesn’t refer only to when our heart stop beating but also when we are dead in life, like when apathy, sadness, lack of motivation or frustration, amongst other things, dwell in our souls.

What if we decided to awake the warrior we all have inside us to keep us alive and far from that dead of the soul?

There are few qualities that pop to my mind when I think about a warrior. They are bold, determined, successful, powerful, they are into the self-improvement (for survival obvious reasons), they have a physical and mental toughness…

Ok, so we need to be as warriors. But how warriors are as they are?

1. Warriors are disciplined

Either in a physical training to gain some muscles, to loose some weight, to be fit, or in an intellectual training, or even in the mastering of any skill you want to achieve, let’s say, stretch our social muscles… One needs to be disciplined, one needs to set a training and practice schedule and stick to it. Being disciplined, constant and perseverant are going to be our assets in our war.

2. Warriors are fit

Any self-respected warrior is fit, because the body is important, if not essential, to the battle.

I won’t extend here in the long list of advantages a healthy fitted body has. I only mention the physical benefits such as hormonal regulation, mental clarity and a general feeling of well-being that will all combine to improve your life physically, mentally and spiritually.

3. Warriors live in the present

Mainly because when one leads an adventurous and dangerous life one can’t take the future for granted.

Obviously, I am not telling you that you should have a dangerous life. Of course not. Forget about living dangerously but live as a warrior would do, as if you might die in the next fight, because living in the present makes you more aware of everything, makes you enjoy whatever it comes your way fully.

Living in the present makes you fully aware of the path more than the future outcome of whatever purpose you may have. It’s not the result what matters but every single step or battle one have to win to reach there. And when you are there, when you reach your purpose, when you win your war, what matters when you look back is not having regrets or shame. Because it’s the path, the daily steps one took what matters at the end.

4. Warriors follow their call

Let’s call it dream instead. A warrior, whatever their cause is, is determined and persevere until they get the goal, because that’s the only way to succeed. Focus in your call, visualize it if you need, and go for it.

5. Warriors look at death in the eye

When you are conscious of your mortality, when you realize that you could be dead tomorrow, the attitude changes, it has to. There is no time to waste, every day counts, so live it fully and don’t postpone what matters because maybe you won’t have time.

6. Warriors fight as if it was the last battle

 If you have death in mind and live in the present moment, then you will naturally fight every battle in your life as if it was a crucial moment. When you have this mentality and you live to your full potential, you are naturally doing your best at everything and your chances for success therefore increase.

Don’t waste a minute, get ready for the battle, this is war!

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