A bend in the road

The bend in the road, by Helen Steiner Rice

Sometimes we come to life’s crossroads
And we view what we think is the end.
But God has a much wider vision
And he knows that it’s only a bend.

The road will go on and get smoother
And after we’ve stopped for a rest,
The path that lies hidden beyond us
Is often the path that is best.

So rest and relax and grow stronger,
Let go and let God share your load
And have faith in a brighter tomorrow
You’ve just come to a bend in the road.

We call it God or destiny, the Universe or some kind of energy inside us, we need to know that there’s no crossroads with a dead end, that as long as we keep taking bends and trying new paths, the road won’t stop.

It’s important not to be afraid of the turns of the road as they mean new opportunities and chances of  fresh starts when the road we were following lead to nowhere. Just turn and forget about what hurt or limit you because is left behind, don’t look at the dust behind your steps, look instead at the endless way in front of you.

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