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The passion of the warrior

Don’t ask my why, don’t have an answer but lately I am feeling as a warrior. Really.

I feel there is a power inside me. I feel every day starts a fight that ends when I go to bed in retreat. And the following day the battle begins again.

I see myself as a strategist when before going to bed I start scheming what the plan for the next day is going to be. I make notes, I draw sketches and even while sleeping I wake up sometimes with an idea and have to get up, take my notebook to record it. There is no relax these days. This is war!

My current life as it is right now it’s a battle with several open fronts.

  • There is the economical fight, where I am scheming strategies to deliver better content to my students and finding new better ways of managing my time.
  • There is the conquest of more space for myself without loosing the allies hearts.
  • There is the information war, where I’m fighting to spread my voice to reach others.

“We are still masters of our fate. We are still captains of our souls”. – Winston Churchill

It’s recently I fully understand this idea of life as a battle. Everyday is a new opportunity of make advances. There is no the chance one can unstrengthen and loose focus if we want to succeed at the end.

One may think I am taking a quite aggressive approach to life… Maybe… The truth is that even keeping peace is still a battle. An continuous fight with the outside stimulus to keep the inner peace. There is no aggression, just a mind set around constance, perseverance, strive, passion…

“Don’t wait until you die to learn the warrior’s way. Do it now, each night, just before you drift off to sleep. As you review your day, consider these two questions of courage and love. Learn from each day, so that each day you can show a little more courage and a little more love. Then, as incidents occur, you may rise to the occasion and look back at the end of your life and feel good about the way you lived.” – Dan Millman

Courage and love. Both are the mottos of this war. A battle against fears and commodities in search of courage. A fight for love, for connection, for LIFE.

2 thoughts on “The passion of the warrior

  1. Interesting analogy to life Maria. If life’s a battle, then keep this in mind. Sometimes, you may be losing the battle and sometimes winning. If you’re losing the battle, just remember that it may appear like you’re losing when you’re really winning. What’s that one quote? It may feel like you’re going 2 steps back when we are actually going 3 steps forward:) SOmetime life may be beating us up and we may feel like we are going backwards when we are really going forward.

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