Rebirth and renewal from the ashes just like the Phoenix did

That might sound curious or strange but one has the opportunity to excel the most during the hard times, because is then that we have to use all our courage.

After the Second World War, economic and living conditions in Germany and Japan were chaotic. Despite those shambles, the people and the leaders of both countries surmounted those extreme challenges and achieved an astonishing recovery, that catapulted both countries into the top 5 economic power countries of world then.

Or Steve Jobs, who founded Apple Company in 1976 and was booted out in 1985, coming back in 1997 to lift Apple from ashes and make it the most valuable company of the world!

History has witnessed once and again that the hardest situations lead the people to find the ways to surmount the adversity and even excel.

Because when you are in the brink of collapsing you just have two options, swim or sink and our survival instinct generally arises and pushes us to fight to overcome the crisis and, what’s better, once we get into the fighting mode we tend to get momentum and blossom, thrive and succeed just like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

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