Know yourself

It doesn’t matter if you are shy, introverted or completely outgoing and extrovert. The stepping-stone to evolve in the right direction is to know oneself. But it’s even more important when your personality traits are seen as a weakness or a flaw or not suitable for current life.

Nowadays there’s this vital and social path one should follow to be considered successful, and in order to pursue this path there are certain qualities required… none of them are related to quietness, introversion…

It’s already hard enough to find the way to succeed in the established path if you have this unsuitable inherent personality traits, moreover, to follow a different path or create you own.

There’s required a strong knowledge of oneself to achieve the mental strength to stick to your own values and be confident.

Sometimes we mix up to not succeed in whatever career we choose blaming our personality, our weakness, when sometimes we don’t succeed for reasons that are extrinsic to our imperfections. Sometimes we fail just because we are not taking the path that is better for us, but the one the others would consider a successful path. So we end up feeling inadequate and suffering from even less self-confidence.

Remember Albert Einstein quote:

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

And that’s exactly the problem. In many occasions we just choose our career bearing into mind multiple external factors (job outlook, family, success, society…) instead of focusing in what we are good at and what makes us feel fulfilled.

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.”  Thales

As the philosopher from Miletus states, is not that easy to know ourselves and to find what makes us tick. We can spend hours and hours practicing strict introspection and hardly reaching an answer. It’s not easy to know oneself deeply and less in this highly externally influenced environment but there’s still a way to get closer to ourselves.

Getting to know ourselves

Try new things. Experience different things. Keep you mind open and plunge into different jobs and careers if you get the chance.

“Sometimes, taking a job is like going to a shrink or something, where you get to know yourself better.” Leelee Sobieski

Open your mind to new experiences, art, dance, singing… whatever helps you to know yourself better by emotions, reactions, thoughts…

Try to push that comfort zone and stretch the boundaries, remember that you are the only one that put those limitations there in first place, so you are the one that is more than able to put those limitations away. However, if you finally feel that you can’t do it, may be because you are not motivated enough, or because that doesn’t make you happy enough. Of course, you are the only only one who can answer those questions, but if you are honest to yourself you will know deep inside if you need to keep trying to push your limitations away to succeed in this path or if there’s no reason in keep trying and it’s time to take another more fulfilling and motivating one. There’s no hurry. Keep moving though.

The idea is to know yourself so that you can find the place to be confident and successful without loosing yourself. Learning about yourself, what your needs are and what is shaping as your style is going to be your strength in the future.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.” Sun Tzu

Remember that the successful people that surround you, are successful not because they possess any personality trait you don’t have, but because they overcame their fears, defeated their limitations and  found out what their strengths were and used them at the most.

Come to terms with who you are, because you are as perfect as anybody else and as suitable as anybody else for your chosen path, you just need to know yourself, listen to your inward voice and be brave to follow your own words.

Have you ever found yourself following a path that seemed alien to you? Did you think it was something wrong with you because you were not good at something the majority was good at?

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