Capture the color contest

I love to take pictures. I love colors. I’ve dared to participate in a photography contest.


This picture was taken in my last trip. Princess Island, Istambul, while I was waiting for the ferry to take me back to the city. (Turkey, 2012).


Puppets in a red stall in Burgos. It’s time to play! (Spain, 2011).


This picture belongs to a lovely walk around Istambul streets. Turkish coffee, mosaic table and a story (May, 2012)


Picture taken in a grey, rainy day in Derry. There is something I love from this picture, something that makes it heavy and powerful to me. Invisible lines becoming concrete (Ireland, 2011).


Green as the green fields of Ireland… or the green walls of the Guinness factory in Kinsale, (Ireland, 2010).

The five bloggers I think should participate in this contest are:

Caroline Leon: Life is Limitless.

Andrew Caldwell: A 365 Photo Project.

Amit Sonawane: Fishing Buddha.

Niall Doherty: Disrupting the Rabblement.

Danasia: Born at twenty five.

4 thoughts on “Capture the color contest

    • I thought so… to get some money for traveling is always worth it. Can’t wait to see your pictures! 😉

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