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Retracing the future (A reflection about sales, travels and changing one’s mind)

Sales are here with its amazing prices and all I am thinking about is getting only a backpack and an ebook.

If you had known me barely two years ago you wouldn’t believe it. A backpack? It was as bad as choosing a pair of running shoes over a pair of high heels… My wardrobe used to be triple as it is now and it was divided in summer and winter season clothes and it was a sad example of my sedentary life. Now, however, I only get things I really need, really make me happy, I feel stunning in them and that I can wear all year if possible. I still love clothes, shoes and accessories but I love more to see the sunset in a new city. My priorities have been rearranged.

When I roam around the shops and see something nice that I wouldn’t mind to have, I ask to myself if I really need it. Then I look at the price and I wonder if it’s worth it and what could I do with that money instead, because even if is a 5 euro t-shirt, I still can feed myself with that one whole day. I started measure the worth in hostel nights, flights, tickets and food.

Needles to say I don’t buy many clothes anymore…

Allow yourself to change your mind.

The thing is that now I’m very different from what I was two years ago and very different from what I used to think back then. But it’s not necessary to go that far in time. I don’t think the same as I used to think last month.

And here is the thing. I don’t think that being a bit changeable is a negative characteristic anymore. I used to feel guilty when I changed my mind and I didn’t want to pursue the path I was so excited to follow before. Sometimes I even forced myself to keep going and others, the majority, I just give a 180 degree turn and did what I wanted to do but always with that bitter taste of being a bit capricious or unstable.

That has changed. I believe in the positive impact of trying new things and following different paths as long as they make you happy. And if you find this one path that makes you happy the rest of your days, good for you, but if you don’t, veer to a new one and keep doing it until you find the one that makes you happy.

When I came back home last month I had a very clear plan in my mind about what was going to be the next step. Right now I don’t feel to do that that much. Of course I feel a bit pressured by the people I told what I was gonna do, but the only person I own explanations is myself and I am well aware I changed my mind… Right now I don’t feel like doing that thing I planned and it seems pretty stupid to stick to that plan only because I told few people and it was all organized in my mind.

It’s more important to be true to oneself

Be changeable until you find out what you want to do … “the rest of your life?”. Come on, we all know that’s a lot of time! What’s wrong with changing one’s mind? It might be because you don’t know what you want yet, or it might be because you don’t want that anymore. And what?

2 thoughts on “Retracing the future (A reflection about sales, travels and changing one’s mind)

  1. Los pueblos primitivos tenían recursos escasos y necesidades o deseos limitados. En nuestra sociedad de consumo también son finitos pero los las necesidades o deseos son ilimitados. En relidad necitamos mucho menos, además por suerte muchas cosas a disfrutar son gratis.

    Cambiar de opinión no está bien visto, para muchos perderemos credibilidad, pensarán que hoy decimos una cosa y mañana la contraria. Pero debe preocuparnos más dos cosas: ser obcecados, no ser capaces de ver más allá, de reflexionar y ver que hay otras posibilidades, y no poder cambiar, ser una especie de monolitito frente a viento y marea. Ambas nos impiden disfrutar de nuevas oportunidades, de nuevas experiencias y sobre todo avanzar y mejorar como personas.
    De todos los modos, la vida por suerte o por desgracia nos cambia a todos.

    Nos vemos…

    • ¡Exacto! No podría estar más de acuerdo con que eso de que es más importante estar abiertos a nuevas posibilidades y experiencias sin miedo a cambiar de idea.

      La vida nos cambia y con ella nuestra actitud frente a la misma.

      Me ha encantado este comentario, Javi. Sigue participando, anda! 🙂

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