Stop waiting for perfection: the moment is now, this faulty, deficient and unsuitable moment.

“When you realize how perfect everything is,
you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”
~ the Buddha

Waiting for perfection and talks to myself

Sometimes we are waiting to the perfect situation to tell ourselves that we can finally do something. And we keep waiting and waiting because that perfect situation never arrives, and we keep putting off that step forward while remaining stagnated waiting for a “sign” to move, and we tell ourselves: “I’ll do it when I have saved more money, when I finish this or that, when I have a partner to support me, when my family doesn’t need me, when the weather improves…” (or that is what I tell myself anyway) and we always make up more excuses to keep us waiting.

Confront the green eyed monster face to face

And the perfect situation never arrives and you are envious of all that people that are actually doing something, you turn into green with jealousy and miserable because you’d love to do the same or similar but you are afraid and you try to convince yourself it’s not the time, the situation is not right when deep inside you know they are cheap excuses, that the situation is good enough, that the moment is now, that the fear is not going to go away unless you face it.

Putting off decisions

In my case, I decided to leave my hometown this month but the lack of perfection of the situation is stopping me from leaving. I am waiting for a better situation and all my fears to go away before I leave. Well, If I keep waiting for the perfect situation: income, support, and lack of fears, I won’t move never!

Pull the trigger and start taking baby steps towards the goal.

I got my passport. I’ve always been putting it off because it wasn’t necessary, because I haven’t planned go out of Europe yet. The thing is I really want to go out of Europe (as much as I love this continent). I’m dying to visit North Africa, Asia and North America. However, going so far away on my own scares me but I want it now, not in 2 years when maybe the situation is more convenient. I am scared of going on my own but I might never have anybody to go with. I am looking for perfection but that might never happen, should I keep waiting? or should I take the risk and do it now when I really feel like doing it?

The answer is clear: Don’t keep waiting, just get moving. You’ll figure things out on the go. Besides, the situation is more likely to improve when you won’t have other choice that to make it work.

Make a plan, arrange things, not over-think it though, and do it. Doing is the secret ingredient to success, doing is what makes things happen.

7 thoughts on “Stop waiting for perfection: the moment is now, this faulty, deficient and unsuitable moment.

  1. I totally know what you mean Maria, totally! I would like to visit the USA but I keep putting it off. I don’t really have to go with at the moment, money is tight and I have to launch my shoe business. I have a lot of excuses but at the same time, I feel like I should concentrate and get the business running first…or maybe secretly, I’m just waiting for someone to come with me..

    • I understand, is difficult to take the leap to travel or moving out on your own when is just a matter of pleasure, but I think it’s important to make decisions depending only on ourselves… what if we never find the company or a partner? what it I never have an steady income? I don’t stop “breathing” so I don’t want to put off my life anymore… but everybody has different circumstances…

      • It’s really true Maria and I often think that. What if I stay lonely and single for the rest of my life? I’ve already looked for organized trips to go to Nashville next year, I think it would be a first step for me. 🙂
        So right now, the only thing I need is to have a sort of income because atm, I have nothing…hopefully soon!

  2. I’m with you, Maria. I picked a date when I’m going whether I have it figured out or not… So are you taking the leap?!

    • I am, I am… I am just waiting for the visa and then: book flights and leave! Exciting and scary… 😀 Where are you going? When?

    • I’m glad you clicked too! Yep, seeking perfection is a trap most of the times. Thanks for commenting Timothy. 🙂

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