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One year, one new life: a self-appraisal

Last Tuesday I was at home watching some TV when a realization hit me making me feel butterflies in my stomach.

The beginning

I had one of the best Christmas ever, full of a childish excitement that I didn’t experience since I was a little girl… decoration, presents, friends (someone said friends are the family one choose and I kind of agree with this) and lots of hope for the new year.

And the new year didn’t disappointed me.

February came and a new student came with the month. A girl full of joy and a big smile new in the city, that soon become more than a student, invited me to a meeting with her. Mixed feelings in that meeting but I was only looking forward to have a good time. And I did.

March brought me another person, someone that soon become more than a friend. And he gave me hope and strength to start afresh for better life.

The action

In May I quit a part time job that made me completely miserable but provided me a steady paycheck at the end of every month. I left the country one month later, came back home and in August I set up my teaching business with the invaluable help of the best person, who happens to be web designer, someone can find (50dollarblogs).

Since then I haven’t stopped learning and working.

My self-appraisal

Four months where I have learnt so many things I can’t count them… mainly things about myself but about other professional aspects too.

Seeing how my business is growing (slowly but surely) I really feel I’m doing some things right, even though I am well aware I must keep working and learning to fully achieve the the knowledge required to this work, to find the equilibrium between work and free time in order to develop other aspects in my life that are still quite crippled.

This post is product of the afore mentioned realization I had last Tuesday.  This post is all about being thankful to life who brought me opportunities when I most needed them, who allowed me to be open minded and welcoming to integrate them into my life. A life where I am able to do what I love the most and allows me to do it wherever I want.

As I am writing this I am feeling an extreme gratitude.

There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy.
Ralph H. Blum

2 thoughts on “One year, one new life: a self-appraisal

  1. Hi Maria,
    I came across your blog via a comment on Disrupting the Rabblement and I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. Intelligent & thought-provoking, they’ve given me reassurance and a new perspective on the choices I make in day to day life. Well done with your written English – it is superb! I look forward to following your adventures in 2012.
    Best regards, Andrew

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