Do you dare NOT to play safe?

The outside world: a sea full of monsters

I have always being taught at being scared of everything, scared of the world as it was a place of evil, scared of interact with strangers as if everybody were going to take advantage of me or cause me some harm. I’ve being told only about the dangers that could await for me if I took risks and not a single mention about the rewards I could get by taking chances.

I know they only wanted to protect me but this protection is certainly more harmful than the chance to learn by trial and error.

Safe is a cherished and a valuable concept but the meaning is not the same for all of us.

Be safe now and regret it later.

Safe could be understood as not taking risks and avoiding dangers, which is bound to lead to a, maybe, happy enough life but without a doubt, a linear one, like a flatlined electrocardiogram, without surprises, nor bad neither good, full of fear and some regrets.

Take the risks now and feel proud of your life later.

For others, safe could be understood as being in constant movement, looking for improvement even though there were dangers to face up to. The possibility to fail but the chance to lead a fulfilled life, with wins and losses but without regrets. Much safer than the certainty of being dead while you are alive.

Tell me, what are the odds on you having an amazing life if you don’t take any risks at all? Let’s face it, pretty low. Are you willing to risk your life by playing it safe?

Jump without a safety net

I think we are way more stronger than we think. I am sure we deal better with obstacles and failure than we do with regret mainly because in the first case there is still hope whereas in the second there is nothing else we can do. So, I wonder why are we so afraid of leaping into thin air?

3 thoughts on “Do you dare NOT to play safe?

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately along a similar line to this, and it’s pushing me to do something that might be a bit crazy… in 4 weeks I’m heading to France for 6 weeks- myself and my girlfriend have a house to look after over there- but I’ve just gone and booked a one way flight…not a return. That wouldn’t be too big a deal in itself, but I’m going over there with less than £200 available (and even that is a loan from the bank). £200 for 6+ weeks. What the hell am I doing? But even then, I don’t want to come back. Not after just 6 weeks, so right now I’m working my ass off trying to figure out a way I can somehow, in some way, stay out there. Crazy to only have a 1 way flight? Crazy to go out there with no plans on how to get back, nor how to afford food while I’m out there? Probably, but as you say, sometimes you just have to jump without a safety net and see what happens. Thanks for the inspiration.

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