5 tips to battle procrastination

“Procrastination is, hands down, our favorite form of self-sabotage.” ~Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby

Once I won my battle against apathy I am on my way to solve another issue: my procrastination, the main way to sabotage myself on my way to success.

I tend to lie myself with “I’ll feel more like doing this tomorrow” or looking for distractions, particularly ones that don’t take a lot of commitment on my part, like checking e-mail. Other thing I love is to make to-do lists, when I could spend that time in doing the thing itself instead.

However, I had begun to notice that after I accomplished one or two list items, my mood lifted. I felt better about myself and about everything else. Even about the remaining items on my lists. I had also started to notice that whenever I was avoiding my to-do lists, I became grumpy and quite down and dissapointed with myself.

That realization finally motivated me to tackle my procrastination habit. And only being on this battle makes me feel better because things run more smoothly and I get things done.

The main reason of my procrastination is, one, my disorganization, two, fear of failure.

Here I give you my tips that helped me to beat it:

1. Keep a to-do list with a prioritized tasks.

2. Schedule the projects.

3. Set yourself time-bound goals.

4. Focus on one task at a time.

5. Tell what are your projects to someone else so that you feel the pressure of having to justify to that person.

And I give you a bonus one, which, for me, worked as the most powerful the good feeling about yourself after you have accomplished all the items on your list for the day.

“Waiting is a trap. There will always be reason to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons and results, and reasons simply don’t count.” ~Dr. Robert Anthony

4 thoughts on “5 tips to battle procrastination

  1. Vamos ao logo!

    :] Thanks for the little portuguese inspiration. In the life of a teacher I’ve experienced to paths: the path of procrastination and the path of obsession. The former created anxiety based on the future. The latter created “retroactive” anxiety of the past.

    I think a “light, moveable” system of moderate productivity is a third way. There are only a few operatives each day. I also ask myself, what must I do (not should, not have to). “Must” is more of a sense of simple due dilligence; I refrain, more and more, from tasks that aren’t necessary. This frees me to remember relationships, which are far more and important (and the true soul of all work is to serve the flourishing of positive human relationship).

    • True, I agree, sometimes I stray from the essentials by doing things that aren’t so important. Prioritize and elucidate what is capital in my life should be the first thing to do. Thanks for your comment Mark. 🙂

  2. what you write truely resonates with me; Procrastination, wanting to stand out as the best, hating routine, loving to me alone, social awkwardness. You sounds like an INFP(Meyers-Briggs personality typing) just like me. Have you looked into personality types? It is pretty interesting and will shock the hell out of you to know there are other people who think and act JUST like you. It also opens your eyes to weaknessess and how to overcome them.
    Anyways, I do enjoy your blog and good luck with all your endeavors!

    • Hi Devin!
      Thanks for your comment, I’ve never heard before the Meyers-Briggs personality typing, so I checked in Google. Yeah, I think I fit in an INFP mostly.
      I’m glad you enjoy the blog and many thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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