Daily Pleasures Series

Day 10: A brewed pleasure

 Today’s pleasure took long to come. I wasn’t having a great day but the plans of meeting friends for dinner sounded like the occasion where my pleasure of the day was finally going to show up. And it did, almost at the end of the night, but it did in all its splendour awaking all my senses and good memories.

I’m a beer drinker but not of all beers. I’ve always chosen beer over wine or other spirits when I wanted to treat myself but it wasn’t until I landed in Ireland when I recognized what the taste of a good beer is. After having tasted much I discovered my favorite one: the red ale. I love Smithwikcs and I love the Rebel Red (a nice beer brewed in a micro brewery in Cork).

Since I left the green isle of Erin I’ve never enjoyed the taste of a red beer again until tonight. I was in the bar wondering about what I was going to have when I saw in front of me a bottle of Murphys Irish red. It was no doubt that was what I wanted: red ale and Murphys (beer brewed in Co.Cork) all together in a bottle!

The first gulp felt as if the heavens opened…

2 thoughts on “Day 10: A brewed pleasure

  1. I’m still not drinking alcohol but I will stop this regimen and drink for the holidays. That being said I totally understand what you mean by “The first gulp felt as if the heavens opened…”

    • How long have you been without alcohol? I love so much the taste of a glass of wine or a pint of beer and I drink it occasionally, as a treat, that I don’t feel the necessity of giving up alcohol for the moment, but I might try as an experiment to see if I can build up character against social pressure. Until then, I’ll just enjoy my beers 🙂

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