Daily Pleasures Series

Day 8: Rediscovering the city

I have spent over four months in my hometown. Four months of not feeling fully happy because I wasn’t experiencing anything new: humdrum places, all the coffee shops seem monotonous, the sightseeing from all the benches were too well-known, even the faces of the strangers looked familiar.

Today I decided to get lost in this too well-known city. I was wandering around the same old streets when I took a different turn. I wasn’t expecting to see anything new, I knew the surroundings well but I didn’t know there had been building constructions around that place during the last 4 years I’ve been away.

I finally found a park surrounded by new buildings, some trees, benches and an empty playground. I’m not the kind of person that would stop in the park to play on the swings on my own or I wasn’t. I did stop this morning. I did go on the swings letting the sun warm my face cold from frozen morning wind. I won’t say I had fun but it felt good, careless, nice… a pleasure.

Having broken the routinely path brought you a nice surprise? Having taken a different turn has shown you a newness worth seeing?

4 thoughts on “Day 8: Rediscovering the city

  1. What lovely pictures in the collage, have you taken these yourself? You have certainly inspired me and Sonali to have such a walk in DC, we love the city ! Its been so long we have done that..

    • Glad I inspire you to take a walk. I always enjoy my walks, and the longer the better. Yes, I took the pictures myself, I go nowhere without my camera! 🙂

  2. This is what I love about living in a city. I can discover new places all the time. Of course you can be suck in a routine if you keep going through the same path. But a soon as you take the next street, look up, look down a new world appears.

    • It’s easy to fall into routine clutches but when you escape you discover amazing new things, a breath of fresh air…

      Oh, and thanks for following! 🙂

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