My to-do list to live a great and unregretful life (36 items and growing)

I’m not a big fan of making plans and list. I’m very impulsive, I act by impulse and don’t make plans because what I might want now, it might not make me so happy next year. But there are always permanent things, things that I always wanted to accomplish and new things that I am now interested in accomplish.

I have never dreamt big, I was kinda scared of the outside world. Since that’s not the case any more I’m going to push the boat out in this post and make a list of all the things I want to do before I die.

My bucket list.

  1. Learn to belydance.
  2. Be fluent in Arabic (in process).
  3. Make a full split (mmmm getting closer to the floor).
  4. Running in a road race (31st of December 2011 in the Saint Silvester road race of my city).
  5. Learn to do yoga.
  6. Visit all the capitals in Europe (There are less left but still a bunch of them).
  7. Being published. (gonna happen in few months!!!!)
  8. Join a theatre course.
  9. Live in India for few months. (March – May 2012)
  10. Make enough money from my own teaching business to be able to (nº 11)
  11. Be part of a volunteering organization to teach immigrants. (2012)
  12. Teach a course in a University.
  13. Play a part in a play.
  14. Raise a child (not necessarily my biological child, I’m more into adopt one)
  15. Learn photography.
  16. Have an exhibition with my paintings.
  17. Eat something I’ve grown myself.
  18. Sleep under the stars.
  19. Make a complete fool of myself and laugh afterwards(Quite often lately, I’m starting to take a liking to it…)
  20. Learn not to say yes when I really mean no or just be completely true to myself (achieved 99%)
  21. See the sun rise.
  22. Make love during the sunset (sharing with that person 18 and 21 afterwards would be perfect) 😉
  23. Learn to meditate.
  24. Travel the Trans-Siberian Express train across Asia.
  25. Visit Canada.
  26. Live over three months in a north american city.
  27. Do bungee-jumping.
  28. Road trip around the United States.
  29. Give a speech in public in front of more than 50 people (I’ve done 2o with a shaky voice, need improvement).
  30. Make a reunion with my ex-friends and sort things out.
  31. Teach someone a language from nothing to fluency. (Done few times already! Oh yeah)
  32. Wear a dress that I designed and sew myself. (July 2012)
  33. Travel by sea.
  34. Make something that will outlast me: a book, a painting, a poem, or a short movie.
  35. Skinny dipping in the beach during the sunset.
  36. Ride a motorcycle and ride it fast!

Thirty six things, not so many, and life is long but I don’t want to waste any second since I’m sure this list will be engrossed with new dreams, so let’s get cracking!

Do you have a list you want to share?

8 thoughts on “My to-do list to live a great and unregretful life (36 items and growing)

  1. Fun list, I’m sure you’ll do all of them. I think you would be a beautiful belly dancer. It is great hobby, especially if you like sparkly things:)

    • I like shiny things, hehehe. I’m sure I’ll do all of them, I just need a little time. What about you? do you have a bucket list?

  2. Very interesting list, with very diverse things… Love it! Some stuff You should have done some time ago 😉

    I have some thoughts but not yet a list… Some random things in my mental list:
    – Ride a bike, fast!: Done! I own a 2007 Honda Shadow 750, my daily transportation and weekend pleasure. 95mph counts as fast?)
    – Go to a Burning Man event.
    – Go to a Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (I love bikes).
    – Visit the Taj Mahal.
    – Take a minimum 2 week vacation on a RV and do a road trip trough the US.
    – Take a minimum week to do a road trip on a motorcycle, trough the US, camping in national parks. (Most I’ve done is 2 day trips, here in Puerto Rico)
    – Visit Macchu Picchu. (Lived in Peru but never got there, a shame).
    – Visit the middle point between northern and southern hemispheres (did it when lived in Ecuador)
    – Write a book, with my memories.
    – Visit the Grand Canyon.
    – Do a road trip trough méxico.
    – Try peyote on an Indian reservation.
    – Make a home “Green”, Solar Energy, water recycling, the works.
    – A lot of “X-Rated” stuff.

    Huge list, and its only part of it! Maybe I’ll write a post about it 🙂

    Keep on it girl! looks like a great list!

  3. Great list, Maria ! I started my list, but became too long, I probably will need to categorize them and check off what I have done. But, so much to do and so less time..Life is certainly short, need to start at the list ASAP !!

    All the best to you!


  4. Great list!!! I think you’ve given me some inspiration for things I can add to mine. I had completely left off bellydancing even though I’ve always wanted to try that… and flamenco too, while I”m adding dances. 🙂

    • I tried bellydancing few days and I love it but is freaking difficult! Dancing is great, when I finish with bellydance I might try other latin dances, it’s so much fun! 🙂

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