Daily Pleasures Series

Day 7: A little indulgence

I gave up coffee but nobody said I couldn’t enjoy of the decaffeinated equivalent. I like my tea but it is simply not the same, so the little pleasure of today is, again, related with food.

I particularly love the elevenses,  is one of my favorite moments of the day. This morning it was the company, the conversation (talking about future traveling, yay! ) and the soft bitterness of my decaf which balanced the sweetness of my madalena (cupcake) what brought a thought to my mind: how lucky I was of having the company, the time and the good taste that made me choose that cupcake!

2 thoughts on “Day 7: A little indulgence

  1. Was waiting for your post!

    Love coffee, calms me down, and its perfect for a nice cupcake… Delicious!!

    Food/Drink is always helps us feel good, and sounds like a good jumpstart to stop apathy.

    What will tomorrow bring? “Don’t wait for an extraordinary day. Make one”

    • I love your last sentence and I add: Every day can have something that makes it extraordinary, you just need to be open to see the little things.

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