Daily Pleasures Series

Day 6: My first words

I love languages! I am as passionate about teaching languages than I am about learning them, so it is natural for me having a great time while I am learning a new language.

I am currently learning Arabic which is a very hard language, specially because there are sounds that don’t have an equivalent in my mother language (Spanish), not even in English or French. It was only last week when we finished learning to write and pronounce all the letters, so this week was the time to start to create little sentences.

What a pleasure it was when my lovely teacher Fatiha asked me a couple of questions, I understood what she was asking and I was able to answer! It’s all very simple, like: “Where is the ball?” “The ball is on the table” but I can see the patterns, the structures, and  that’s the first step, the fluency is a step closer!

What is better when you are learning a new language than the pleasurable feeling of realization, improvement and ability to communicate? What about you, do you remember any moment while learning a new skill that made you feel all proud of yourself?

4 thoughts on “Day 6: My first words

  1. The first words are wonderful, I am living through that everyday 🙂 Just yesterday, when my wife texted me in spanish and I responded, I was smiling for 5 minutes. People at work must be thinking I am a ‘loco’ guy 😀
    One of the challenges I have is understanding native people speak. The other day I had tuned into a spanish radio channel and although I could not understand everything, I was able to get the gist of a few advertisements. Made my day !

    • Learning a new language is so rewarding. I love it! And I’m so glad you two are implementing some spanish in your daily life, that makes me so happy! Keep the motivation going! 🙂

  2. I remember my high school Italian teacher telling us that you don’t really know a language until you understand humor. I still remember the first sign language joke I ever learned… I particularly loved that one because with American Sign Language, you get a whole new dimension in which to play! Very excited to get to that point in my Spanish one day as well.

    • I agree completely with your Italian teacher! And I would say you would understand the Spanish humor pretty soon even if I have to learn how to tell jokes 😉

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