Daily Pleasures Series

Day 4: Movie, blanket and a cuppa tea

Yes, I admit it before anybody guess what movie the image correspond to. I was watching Breaking Dawn. I love the saga, I love wolves, vampires and love stories.

Today I had one of those lazy days, freezing outside and my energy levels pretty low (the lack of caffeine is breaking havoc, that and my menstruation all together). So, in that conjunction of circumstances, what is better to cap off a pretty good day than to cuddle up in the sofa, blanket covering my feet, a nice and warm cup of tea in hand and a romantic movie on the screen? That was my cozy pleasure of the day, what was yours?

4 thoughts on “Day 4: Movie, blanket and a cuppa tea

  1. I second Niall’s comment, I really like this series. My simple (and guilty) pleasure for yesterday was to have a couple of donuts, been ages and it felt nice after a long stressful first day back at work after a week of ‘stay’cation.

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