Daily Pleasures Series

Day 2: My body is my temple or being kind to my body

As you might already know if you read the previous post, I had quite a heavy dinner last night. I tend to be careful of the food I eat but sometimes I blind my eyes and just enjoy the tasty flavors without more consideration about the “healthiness” of it.

Today, I determined to put my body first. He needs care and attention too, so I decided to had a cleansing day eating only fruits and raw vegetables smoothies, all accompanied by some exercise. Amazing how taking good care of my body become such a great pleasure, bigger than the immediate but ephemeral fix of sugars and fat that the junk food provides.

Ah, and I quit coffee too! 😀

4 thoughts on “Day 2: My body is my temple or being kind to my body

  1. Ah..The one post today that makes me feel guilty 😦 But, I totally concur with you on treating our body right. I have been very bad in this regard, but hope to improve on it …
    Great idea on quitting coffee, caffeine is very addictive and not good at all.. I do have a cup occasionally , but tea has become my new fave beverage in the past year or so.

    • Ohh, sorry about that! If I’m honest with you I have never been very careful with my body, it’s only 15 months ago I realized I was very negligent in this regard and started the change. It was one of the best decisions I took in my life. I feel better, stronger, lighter and even my mind seems clearer. I strongly encourage it! 🙂
      I intend to stop the coffee for a month at least, we’ll see how it goes. I’m a coffee addict! :/

    • I enjoy…I mean, enjoyed so much my coffee that I never dared to try and quit but being so dependent on that liquid to be awake was the signal it wasn’t healthy… Although I miss the taste, the smell… *sigh* 😀

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