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Steering one’s life

Here is something I read that inspired me:

Being reactive is to be trapped by the mind. Being proactive is to step out-of-the-mind. Stepping out-of-the-mind is freedom from living compulsively, unconsciously.

The stepping stones of out-of-the-mind self improvement and motivation are meant to be walked consciously. Left to reactivity, our thoughts, words, actions and habits will lead our lives to an unconscious destination. Being proactive, we seize each stepping stone to shape the life we envision.

Be Proactive vs. Reactive – Own Your Life

I have been spending something like three or four months looking for a job that take me out of Spain. I applied almost everywhere, from North America to India and every place in between. Holding hopes every time I sent an application to a position or whenever I received an email saying I passed the first stage of the selection process, and having a disappointment each time I had a negative answer to the final stage or no answer at all. I was spending so much energy and time in finding an excuse to leave home and change of scenery again that I didn’t realize that it wasn’t necessary.

Why wait? I don’t need an excuse to do it. I don’t need a job that back me up in my purpose of living abroad and learning new languages, meeting new people, new cultures, while I do what I like the most, which is teaching.

So I stopped applying for jobs (even though I still have a look to the offers, you never know, I might find the opportunity of my life…).

Be proactive.

Instead of applying for a job and then wait for a positive answer, I’m focusing in what I can control.

I’m determined to make my business work. I’m doing the best I can and keep learning, because I think that’s the only way I can honor my life and passion. I have a business in hands, which started working slowly but surely. However is not giving me enough income to make my dreams come true.

Now the question is, what do I need to do in order to achieve success?

I am educating myself: I need to learn much more about how to promote my service online and I need to learn languages to reach more potential students.

What am I doing about it?

Spending hours reading about the first and getting in contact with people that can help. I started learning another language too. And all this makes me feel great, because I’m doing something. No more waiting for the employer’s call, no more lost hopes and the impotence that comes with it.

There will always be things you can’t control, but still you can decide to take action. I’m not here to blame the circumstances anymore. I want my behavior to be the product of my own choices and intuitions rather than of my conditions.

I leave you with few questions:

How much of your day do you spend reacting to things that happen or not happen? Being pushed to different paths whenever something doesn’t happen as expected or you bump into an unavoidable obstacle? Why not creating your own path?

What possibilities can you create today?

2 thoughts on “Steering one’s life

  1. Maria – you have found the most important ingredient to success – getting started. Many people apply for jobs and get disappointed when it doesn’t work out. My philosophy is don’t apply for a job. Make a job. All of your instincts are completely right. As you correctly point out, we have more control than we think.

    • Exactly! Making your own job might bring bigger headaches in order to keeping it working, but it definitely brings you freedom, power and responsibility about your own life 🙂

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