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Keeping the distance from fear… and bad news

Because only when you look at those in perspective, you will be able to see that it might be not so bad and find another path.

“Don’t loose your nerves, keep your inner peace and look for a solution” they say. Yes, it is easy to say but who hasn’t lost control and freaked out when facing fears or difficulties?

I must confess I am not in that point yet where my calm is not seized by some obstacles sometimes. It is not that I blow things out of proportion, not anymore anyway, but sometimes there are obstacles and bad news, and that’s normal, and when that happens I can’t help but feeling down, negative and seeing my future all somber. Because what is difficult is to keep that peace of mind when this conflicts show up.

I am calm, peaceful and pleased in general terms, but some times some bad news just hit me in a way that all the positiveness I might have, just disappears and I feel sad, depressed and lost.

The good news is that I’m learning to cope with these momentary conflicts that appear in life.

I embarked on the task of improving my reactions to mishaps and difficulties, not letting my negatives thoughts take possession of my mind.

So, even though I can’t control the appearance of fears and misfortunes, what I can control is my reaction towards them, not only in the surface, trying to reassuring myself  by doing away with the negative thought and having a positive one instead, but underneath that “I’m fine” that you say to the others and to yourself, what is more important is feeling really fine deep inside, and I’m learning to achieve that nice feeling by looking at the fear or mishap in perspective, reviewing the real facts and put some logic in my mind.

Of course, there are always challenging moments, when the fear or the sadness seems to be gaining an upper hand in the game, when is really difficult to find the silver line in the situation, but is in those moments when you really need to move away and reflect about what the situation is: if there is something you can do about it, do it, but if there is not, well, better just accept it and move on, because even in those moments, there are something to learn whether from yourself or the others, or the situation itself,  and that learning will be always with you.

Challenges enable us to become powerful because they automatically awake our deepest issues and force us to face our fears. Consequently, they make us stronger.

The only things we can really control and change in this life are our own perceptions, thought patterns and behavior. And that’s enough: that’s our ticket into creating a life we love, and these challenges can provide the ride that will take us there.

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