The turning point

This is the first post, the scary one, the one that should explain everything.

I better start explaining then.

Who is writing?

I’m María, a Spanish teacher passionate about my profession, which makes me feel really lucky. I consider myself quite a happy person, positive  and who enjoys the pleasures in life. But not always has been like that. There were a turning point in my life that led me to be writing this post today. A one year transition between a self conscious person, frustrated with herself, and a strong one, aware of the aspects of herself that need to be solved or improved. Took me one year to realize that “not doing” wasn’t a good choice, that realization and the luck of meeting inspiring people on the way put me where I am now.

Why am I writing?

Several reasons. The main one is that I embarked on a thoughtful journey of self improvement. As I said, there are things in my personality I’m not happy enough with. I know I can be better than this and I know I have much more to offer than what I transmit. I’m determined to reach the point where if someone ask me “what would you change of yourself?” I wouldn’t have much to say.

The purpose is similar to when you start a diet or give up an addiction and you make it public in order to get the support of your environment. That’s why I will share my goals and challenges, as well the outcome. On the other hand, I always thought keeping a diary as a very positive thing, since it helps to organize the ideas and see the obstacles with perspective. Finally, the blog is a challenge in itself, first, because I’ll write in English, which is not my mother language, and second, because I am trying to reach constancy and organization.

Now it’s up to you if you want to share the journey with me!

6 thoughts on “The turning point

  1. Wonderful, Maria. Your courage to write in English is giving me the courage to write in Portuguese and Spanish.

    I live in fearful symmetry: (1) I believe I’m loved because I’m loved, and I don’t need to do anything to earn love; (2), from this place of love, I enjoy making changes in my life according to time, measure, and grace.

    Thanks for sharing your narrative.

    • Writing in English has become a very rewarding challenge I am glad I tackled and even though I’m aware there is a huge space for improvement in my writing, the improvement itself is the main reason that encourages me to keep doing it.

      If you ever start writing in Spanish you already have one reader! 🙂

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